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David Rose

David Rose

Senior Pastor

David is the husband of Rachel, the father of Cassia, Hallie, and Gabe, and the pastor of FBC since September 2006. His family roots are in Winnsboro, MS and the surrounding area. David enjoys family time, jogging, Cherry Coke Zero, and afternoon naps.

In March 1979 I asked Christ for his salvation, and in July 1983, he called me to a deeper commitment. Christianity was more than being good and going to church. My life with Christ was to impact others.

God called me to the ministry while I was at summer camp on July 14, 1988. I did not know at that point exactly what He wanted me to do. I knew that He wanted me to minister, and I believed that He could use me as a doctor, which would fulfill both my life-long professional pursuit as well as my newly-answered calling. Despite an exceptional undergraduate grade-point average and an above-average entrance-exam score, every medical school to which I applied rejected me, one in fact stating I spoke of God too much during my interview. That door’s closing brought me straightforward into my seminary experience and full-time ministry. The ensuing years have been an amazing adventure of faith.

More than anything, God is teaching me again and again that He must be present in all that I do, and He must be the One doing the work. He and He alone is able to change the character of the people I am called to teach and to lead. Whatever role He gives, I know He has equipped me to teach and disciple those to whom He has called me. I pray to glorify Him by making disciples who will make disciples.

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