Sunday Morning Bible Classes are groups who gather weekly for Bible study and fellowship. The dynamic of a group of friends who look to God's Word, share life's challenges, and enjoy each other's encouragement.

Participation in a Sunday Morning Bible Study class will give you the opportunity to not only study the Bible in a small group setting, but also build friendships and meaningful relationships with other individuals who are in a similar life stage as you. The classroom environment allows you to ask questions and participate in lively discussions. Most of all, it is in the Bible Study Class where you will feel connected with the Church. We offer classes for all ages (preschoolers – adults) to attend Bible Study on their levels.

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9:45  & 11:00am
For security purposes, all Preschool (birth - Pre-K) and Children (K - 5th grade) must check in for room assignments


Middle School (Grades 6-8) | Cavern
High School (Grades 9-12) | Cavern
College | Fellowship Hall A


Married 60+ | Hancock/Bradley | Fellowship Hall C/D
Married 70+ | Moore/James | Chapel

Nearly/Newlywed | Rainwater/Holland | South Hall C/D
Married 30's | Lacombe/Girola | E204
Married 30's | Partin/Laley | Fellowship Hall B
Young Families | Richard/Van Metre | E211
Married 35-45 | Theriot/Jordan | W103/105
Married 40's  |Selfridge/Thompson | W108/110
Married 50's | Berryhill | South Hall E/F/G
Married 50's | Floyd/Lambert | W104/106
Married 60's | Barber/Doucet | Parlor
Single Parents | McGee/Comeaux | E213
Women  A All Ages | Gray/Houston | Fellowship Hall C/D
Men A All Ages | R. Sims | W107/109
International | Hamilton/Chiruguru | E166/168

Married 60's | Francis/Triche | Parlor
Single 50's+ | Soileau | W108/110
Men B All Ages | McManemin | E162/164
Women B All Ages | McManemin | E162/164
Women C All Ages | James/Paret | W107/109