How to be the Best Influencer

In How to Be the Best Influencer, Kevin Richard delves into the power of influence as seen in the biblical account of Esther and Mordecai’s exile in the Persian Kingdom.

When the wicked Haman plots to exterminate all Jews, Mordecai implores Esther to use her own influence to save her people. At the risk of her own life, Esther approaches the king, ultimately exposing Haman’s scheme and saving her people.

Be sure to follow along in Esther 4:13-17.

How to Be the Best Influencer

As a follow-up to Kevin’s sermon, spend a minute asking yourself the following questions:

    1. Who or what influences you?

    1. Who are you influencing?

    1. How will you use your influence?

    1. Can you honestly say that Christ is the most important influencer in your life? If you’re unsure or have questions, reach out. We would love to discuss it.