Handle with Care

Senior Pastor David Rose takes a look at at some ancient errors that continue to plague the church today. The world offers many distractions and competing philosophies, but Christ is all we need for identity, belonging, purpose, and salvation. Dr. Rose challenges believers to handle our faith in Christ with care by remaining rooted in Him alone through prayer, God’s word, and by living out our faith in practical obedience to Christ. When Christ is at the center, His church will stand firm against every attack – as it has for over two thousand years.


  • Jesus expects our growth to be continual
    • Continuing in Christ (v. 6)
  • Jesus gives stability that is conditional (v. 7)
    • Rooted in Christ (v. 7)
    • Built up in Christ (v. 7)
    • Established in faith (v. 7)
    • Overflowing with gratitude (v. 7)
  • Jesus produces gratitude that is plentiful (v. 7)
  • Jesus provides truth that is foundational (vv. 8-15)
    • Beware of philosophies and traditions (v. 8)
    • Filled in Christ (vv. 9-10)
    • Circumcised and buried with Christ (vv. 11-12)
    • Made alive with Christ (v. 13)
    • Debt erased by Christ (vv. 14-15)
  • Jesus empowers a faith that is practical (vv. 16-23)
    • Don’t let others judge you (v. 16)
    • Don’t be condemned by asceticism (v. 18)
    • Held together in Christ (vv. 19-20)
    • Regulations will perish (vv. 21-23)

Further Study

  1. Read through Colossians 2:6-23 again. How does the Gospel combat false teachings that move us away from Christ? (cf Galatians 1:6-9)
  2. Why does Paul refer to circumcision and dietary regulations as “a shadow of things to come” (Colossians 2:17)? What is the substance/reality that these shadows pointed to? (cf Hebrews 10:1)
  3. What are some ways religious rules and traditions can take the place of true worship in one’s life (Colossians 2:18)? How does focusing on Christ instead of external rules free us to truly worship God? (cf John 4:24)
  4. According to Colossians 2:19-23, how is the believer’s life now “hidden with Christ in God”? How should this truth influence one’s daily living and service? (cf Colossians 3:1-4)

The Gospel

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