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Healing Strong

Healing Strong

HealingStrong offers a balanced and holistic approach to serve those struggling with cancer and other diseases to help them find hope, support and healing.  We do this through empowering vibrant and loving volunteer-led peer-to-peer community groups where participants are inspired, motivated and equipped with vital information to take action for their health, and never give up.

We know that with God, there is always hope.

HealingStrong Groups are  always free and each community group focuses on three pillars of healing: rebuilding the body, renewing the soul and refreshing the spirit through God’s Word.

Let’s Heal Together

We reach those who are hurting. Whether it be cancer, chronic illness, or emotional hurdles that come with life, we believe there is hope in community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who serves as a HealingStrong group leader?

Volunteers who fall into one of these four categories: cancer thriver, caregiver, practitioner, or prevention focused.

What do HealingStrong Groups teach?

HealingStrong groups teach a faith-based curriculum  that covers topics on diet, detoxification, supplementation, exercise, sleep, emotional healing, environmental toxicity, and much more.

Who attends HealingStrong Groups?

Individuals on a healing journey, whether that be through active recovery from disease, prevention, or caregiving.

What can I expect when I attend a Group?

You can expect a community of people who will actively support you as you seek wisdom, make decisions and together, learn to heal.

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