Singleness and the Gospel

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Show Notes

In this episode, JD talks with Student Minister Caleb Adams to unpack the topic of singleness from a biblical perspective.

They explore whether dating has a biblical foundation and discuss general guidelines for believers. It’s a candid conversation about an often overlooked segment of the church.

Regardless of our relationship status, our identity and satisfaction are only found complete in Christ. Whether single for a while or for life, our significance is anchored in Him.

Questions in This Episode

  • What does it mean to be single?
  • Is dating prescribed in the Bible or is it a modern concept?
  • How can the church best support those navigating singleness?
  • At what age is dating appropriate and what guidelines can parents set?
  • How do you avoid comparisons and cultural expectations as a single person?
  • How can seasons of singleness be used for God’s kingdom purposes?
  • What distracts or dissatisfies singles and how can they combat this?
  • When have seasons of singleness felt difficult and what comfort can be found?