Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

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Show Notes

In this episode of Thinking It Through, Church Counselor Kevin Richard joins us to discuss depression and anxiety from a biblical perspective.

Speaking from his experience as a certified counselor, Kevin breaks down the different types of depression and explains how mental health issues can physically affect our bodies on a biological level. He also discusses why Christians still struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s a candid conversation full of encouragement for anyone dealing with mental health issues. Those concerned about friends and loved ones will find practical tips on how to walk alongside others who are struggling.

Questions in This Episode

  • What is depression? Can we define it?
  • Are there different types of depression?
  • What does depression look like?
  • Do Christians experience depression and anxiety? If so, why?
  • When is counseling helpful?
  • What role should the church play in providing support and resources?