Biblical Womanhood

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Show Notes

In this episode of Thinking it Through, Kyla sits down to talk with Becky Girola, Executive Director of ABC Pregnancy Resource Center in Lake Charles. They talk about the callings and character traits of biblical womanhood, focusing our identities on Christ rather than cultural trends. Find practical insight and encouragement for wives and mothers, as well as wisdom about self-care, serving others and responsible social media use.

Key Takeaways

  • A woman finds purpose, freedom and fulfillment through living according to God’s design and Word
  • Our identity should be rooted in Christ alone, not ourselves or circumstances
  • Guarding our hearts and focusing on inner beauty glorifies God more than appearances

For women who are struggling to find purpose and value in today’s culture, the gospel offers freedom from that search. Through Christ, our lives can honor God by reflecting the roles, character and priorities outlined in Scripture. And our hope and joy are not based on circumstances but anchored in the One who will never leave us or forsake us. The gospel truly is the best news ever for all who believe.

Questions in This Episode

  • What does it look like for a woman to live according to God's design and purpose?
  • What roles does Scripture outline for women in the church?
  • How can we recognize destructive messages and ideologies that go against God's Word?
  • How can women dress and present themselves modestly both on and offline?
  • How can social media be used responsibly and for godly purposes rather than vanity or comparison?
  • What are some practical ways women can focus on inner beauty rather than outward appearance?
  • For married women and mothers, how can we best fulfill our callings even when kids are grown or circumstances change?
  • When does self-care become self-obsession or idolatry?
  • How can we guard our hearts against making ourselves or appearances the focus rather than serving others?
  • How can we nurture and disciple the younger women in our lives and churches?