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    The mission of Healing Strong

    Our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals in community who are facing cancer and other diseases by focusing on strategies that help to rebuild the body, renew the soul and refresh the spirit through God’s Word.

    The Purpose of Healing Strong

    By creating a network of community groups online and in person, we help others to address the needs of body, soul and spirit in order to find true healing and wholeness.

    HealingStrong focuses on three pillars to accomplish its mission and purpose:

    Rebuilding the Body

    • By implementing the Anti-Cancer diet
    • By practicing detoxification methods such as fasting and juicing
    • By identifying and addressing nutrient deficiencies
    • By gaining confidence through safe exercise
    • By believing that God’s design for healing also includes renewing your soul and refreshing your spirit

    Renewing the Soul

    • By reframing our negative thought patterns
    • By forgiving ourselves and others
    • By practicing de-stressing techniques
    • By incorporating gratitude into our daily routines
    • By believing that God’s design for healing also includes rebuilding the body and refreshing the spirit

    Refreshing the Spirit

    • By connecting with our Father in Heaven through community prayer and Bible study
    • By learning to discern, hear and obey the voice of God
    • By trusting God’s promises found in His Word
    • By discipling people into Truth
    • By believing that God’s design for healing also includes rebuilding the body and renewing the soul
    • First Tuesday of every month, 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can join this group?

      Anyone facing any type of serious or chronic illness, like cancer, is welcome to join. Family members and caregivers of those with illnesses are also invited to find community and support.

    • Do I need a medical diagnosis to attend?

      No, you do not need an official diagnosis. If you are struggling with health issues and want spiritual support, you are welcome.

    • What should I expect from a meeting?

      Each meeting includes prayer, scripture discussion, encouragement from God’s word, and time for members to share updates and support one another. Practical health tips are also occasionally covered.

    • Will my health details be shared publicly?

      No, specific health details will be kept confidential unless you choose to share. The focus is on spiritual topics rather than being a medical support group.

    • Is childcare provided?

      No, this group is for adults only.

    • How long is the group commitment?

      You are welcome to attend as often or infrequently as works for your schedule and needs. There is no minimum commitment – just come when you are able.