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John 3:16 provides a snapshot of the Gospel, highlighting God’s profound love for humanity, our need for salvation, and God’s ultimate gift of redemption and eternal life to all who believe.

The greatest love (“For God so loved”)

God’s extraordinary love for humanity lies at the heart of John 3:16 (cf. Ephesians 3:17-19). But His love isn’t based on our actions or inherent goodness; it’s the pulse of His plan to offer salvation and redemption to all who believe.

The greatest need (“the world”)

John 3:16 addresses humanity’s greatest need – salvation. Only through faith in Christ can we find true redemption.

The greatest gift (“that He gave His one and only Son”)

God’s response to our need is found in the person of Christ. Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection form the ultimate expression of God’s love and mercy, His death on the cross paid the penalty we could never pay and provided the redemption we could never earn.

The greatest invitation (“that whoever”)

His invitation isn’t limited by status, background, or past mistakes. It includes all who place their faith in Jesus Christ.

The greatest decision (“believes in Him”)

The greatest invitation calls us to make the greatest decision—to believe in Him, to trust in Him, and to receive the forgiveness that only He can bring.

The greatest hope (“shall not perish”)

In Christ we find the greatest hope—the assurance of eternal life. But eternal life isn’t just a future promise; it begins the moment we place our faith in Jesus. It’s a hope that carries us through even the worst circumstances. It’s a hope that is rooted in the fact that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The greatest possession (“but have eternal life”)

Eternal life isn’t a ticket to heaven after death; it is eternity with the Heavenly Father who gave His Son to save us. It is the most valuable gift we could ever receive.

Following Christ

If you’re unsure of your faith or you want to know more about what it means to follow Christ, we would love to talk with you. Contact us or call the church office at 337-480-1555.

This message is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the weight of failure. Join us as we take a look at John 21:1-17.

Because He knows your name, you can go from tears to joy.

Because He knows your fear, you can be freed from fear to courage.

Because He knows your doubt so you can leave doubt for assurance.

Because He knows your greatest need, you can go from death to life.

Follow along in John 20:11-31 as Pastor Adam Brock talks about this profound truth. The resurrection really does change everything.

Life is hard. Medical and financial problems often come without warning; family rifts cut us to the core. What can believers do when it seems that all hope is lost? How can we find restoration? Pastor Ashley Austin of Canvas Church provides comfort and insight. Follow along in John 5:1-17.

If you need prayer or would like to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

We all come broken. Shame, guilt, sin, and obstacles in our circumstances can leave us feeling that we are insignificant messes. But it’s in those moments, in those things – that Christ provides the miracle. You may not have much, but whatever you have, you have enough to accomplish the kingdom mission God has for you. In our hands it is limited, insignificant, and impossible; in the hands of Jesus, it’s an instrument, supernatural and possible.

Listen as Pastor David Doyle preaches from John 6:1-13.

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