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Survey of James

Survey of James – Part 6 (Central Venue)

James 5:7-11 Patience is more than just waiting – it’s actively enduring trials by focusing on God’s nearness. Rob Walls discusses what it means to be patient through spiritual temptations […]

Survey of James

Survey of James: Part 1 (North Venue)

The book of James offers faithful wisdom that anchors our hearts in God's goodness, reminding us that difficulties, though painful, are meant to strengthen us. Biblical truth, rather than worldly thinking, gives us an eternal perspective far above what our eyes alone can see.

Survey of James

Survey of James: Part 1 (Central Venue)

Church Counselor Kevin Richard talks about finding joy in the midst of trials. Drawing from James 1:1-18, he reminds us that trials have a purpose - to grow our faith and develop perseverance, anchoring our hope and maturing our faith. Listen as Kevin provides practical wisdom for embracing our struggles, remembering that God uses them to shape us for His glory. You'll be encouraged to see trials not as punishments but opportunities to rely on Christ and point others to Him.

Go. Stand. Speak

Go. Stand. Speak.

Join us as we uncover the encouragement and guidance we can draw from their experiences of great victory as well as great suffering.

Experiencing the God of Restoration

Experiencing the God of Restoration

Life is hard. Medical and financial problems come without warning; family rifts cut us to the core. What can believers do when it seems that all hope is lost?

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Perspective of Praise

Have you ever had a curveball in life? Curveballs are circumstances or situations you didn’t see coming, be it death, cancer, divorce, or perhaps it's a sin that led you to do something you would never imagine doing. In these crucial times, it’s important that you don’t turn to something but Someone – Jesus. Join Student Pastor David Doyle as he preaches from Acts 16:22-34.

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