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What Good is it to Gain the World and Lose Your Soul? (North Venue)

"Take up your cross and follow Me." These familiar words of Jesus take on new depth when we understand the horror of crucifixion in first century Palestine. This gruesome method of execution was reserved for the worst criminals and rebels against Rome. So when Jesus told His followers they must be ready to embrace the cross, they understood the cost of what He asked of them.

Pressing On When This Pastor is Gone

Ephesians: On Spirit-filled Living

What is "Spirit-filled" living? What does it look like and how do we live it out? Is it possible to consistently walk with God?

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Catch My Drift?

Teaching Pastor Adam Brock preaches from Hebrews 2:1-4 as part of our continuing series entitled, 27 in 22.

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The Spirit Enables

Teaching Pastor Adam Brock preaches about the fruit of the Spirit.

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The Sower

A good story has a way of illustrating truth in a way that makes it come alive. Stories stick with us because they are memorable and easily understood. Stories are important. In our passage today, we find Jesus utilizing story in order to teach truth. In fact, Jesus used stories very effectively and told them quite often. In the scriptures we call these parables.

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