“This project we are proposing is focused on our future, but has it’s roots in our past. A generation ago, God gave our church a vision and a task to accomplish. Through prayer, faith, and financial sacrifice, almost 20 years ago, we relocated our church campus to this corner in South Lake Charles. Now it’s time for another step of faith, as we seek to continue ministry to the generations to come.”

A Letter From Pastor Steve James:

Dear Beloved Member, 

Years ago, someone told me that an informed church is a happy church. So, I wanted to be sure that you are informed of what will take place during the Sustaining the Future meeting on Sunday, February 10, at 4:00 PM in Fellowship Hall. 

Wallace Brady, the Chairman of our Sustaining the Future committee will share with you some vital information about the scope of the remodeling project. After he speaks, there will be opportunity for questions and answers. At the conclusion, you’ll be asked to vote on a motion from the Sustaining the Future committee to enter the next phase of this remodeling project. 

The motion will be: 

“With confirmation from the Deacons and Trustees, the Sustaining the Future committee makes a recommendation to Trinity Baptist Church to proceed with the process of developing a detailed design plan with HH Architect for the Central Venue remodeling project not to exceed 3 million dollars of debt.” 

Please see the enclosed brochure for the scope of the project. At a future date, the Sustaining the Future committee will make a presentation seeking the church’s approval to begin work. 

This is an exciting time for Trinity Baptist Church, and I want to thank you for your prayers on my behalf and behalf of the committee. 

Looking forward to meeting with you on February 10, 4:00 pm in Fellowship Hall. 

Info Brochure
Download Map
Here you can find a detailed map of all areas included in the proposed update, as well as the scope of each area.