Our desire is for students in the Lake area to know they are loved and that their lives have purpose and meaning.  We exists to Embrace the lost, Engage the saved so that we can Encounter the Savior.  There are three ways we accomplish this in Student Ministries at Trinity.  Through Worship, Community, Discipleship and Mission.

Trinity Student Ministries engage Middle School, High School, and College/Career ages.

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We want students and families to grow in their knowledge of God through participation in worship!

Weekly services in the CV/NV (Sunday AM – 10:45)

Sunday Night Live for high schoolers in the Cavern (Sunday PM – 6:00)

Monthly Family Point Worship (Sunday PM – 5:30)
Focus: Equipping families to live out their faith by developing spiritual connections.

We want students to find community in a weekly Bible Study as they connect with others, guided by God’s Word!

Sunday Morning Bible Study (Sunday AM – 9:15)
Co-ed Groups by Grade
Focus: Community and Fellowship.

We want students to fully devote themselves to following Jesus!

D-Groups (Sunday PM – 5:00)
Gender Specific. 3-5 students per group.
Focus: Service, Study, Accountability, and Prayer.

What is a D-group: A D-Group is a gender-specific closed group of 3 to 5 believers (including the leader) who meet together weekly for the purpose of intentional spiritual transformation.

A D-Group consists of believers who desire a deeper walk with Christ. It is not evangelistic in its form or function, but in its fruit: it makes disciples who will then go on to make more disciples.

The format of a D-Group is not one of a teacher-student, but a roundtable discussion. This blueprint, sketched by Jesus through His personal example, is how discipleship is accomplished in the lives of believers, and, ultimately, within the local church. When this plan is followed those involved will experience three dynamics of personal growth: community, accountability, and multiplication.

Who should join: Your D-Group should consist of F.A.T. believers: Faithful, Available, and Teachable.

A faithful person is dedicated, trustworthy, and committed. Consider your potential faithfulness by observing other areas of your spiritual life, such as church attendance, small group involvement, or service in the church. Faithfulness is determined by a commitment to spiritual things.

What is your availability and willingness to meet with and be invested in by others? Do you desire to listen, study, and learn from others? Are you available when called upon? Do you have a regular quiet time with God of reading the Word and praying? Availability is measured by a willingness to serve God.

Not everybody who attends a small group is teachable. A teachable person has a desire to learn and apply what is taught or it is only information transportation. One who is teachable is open to correction and recognizes teachability by observing your own response to God’s Word. For example, after hearing a sermon on prayer, do you begin to pray more regularly? Or after a lesson about the dangers of the tongue, do you implement changes in your speech? A teachable person not only listens to what is taught but also applies it to his or her life.

Where and when should we meet: Find a meeting place preferably on campus that is convenient for all group members on Sunday evenings at 5:00PM, however off-site options are available as your group needs.

Ideally, you should meet once a week for about an hour to an hour and a half. You can meet more frequently, but it is important that you meet at least once a week while school is in session. This schedule does not prohibit you from calling your leader throughout the week or dropping by for counsel when needed. It is important to remember that discipleship is about the relationship between you and your group leader, not about checking a requirement box. Disciple-making is a way of life, not a program.

What does D-group time look like:

  • Prayer: Personal prayer for each other, sharing your highs and lows of the week. To come alongside each other lifting each other up in prayer and celebrating the victories of Jesus.
  • Study: Groups are to make the Bible the main thing and keep it the main thing. While you can bring in supplemental material, the Bible is our focus within the context of the group’s everyday lives. Most groups will likely follow a 5-day reading plan that would cover the whole Bible in a year like F-260 reading plan, but that is up to each group to decide what works best for you to do together. During this time all participants will review what God has shown them during that week through their H.E.A.R. Journals.
  • Accountability: This is a chance to bring to light what sins live in the darkness and to check on how each other are doing in a real and meaningful way. We realize no one wants accountability, but everyone needs it because the path is narrow that leads to life and course correction is often needed.

What are D-group H.E.A.R. Journals: H.E.A.R. journals are used with your Bible reading and is the tool used for Bible study discussion. It stands for:

  • Highlights~highlight at least one verse each day you read that stuck out to you.
  • Explain~write down what you think the texts means or questions you have and be prepared to discuss them in d-group.
  • Apply~how do you take what the Bible says and apply it to your life in a personal way.
  • Respond~ what next step are you going to take in your faith journey to help you know Jesus more intimately?

What is the expectation of D-Group participants? Since you are going to spend your lives together for the next twelve to twenty-four months, you want to know if they are committed. Some people have said after the initial meeting, “Uh, this isn’t really for me. I’m not interested.” That’s okay.

However, it is more than just showing up, but also being engaged by being a person who has a desire to grow and learn with a group of their peers.

Additionally, there is the expectation that you will read your Bible, journal in your H.E.A.R. Journal, communicate regularly with your group inside and outside of meetings and grow in your faith. If there is an unwillingness to commit it means you are not ready to be in a D-Group.


  • Groups begin September 2019-December 2019 and January 2020-May 2020, D-Groups would follow the school calendar.
  • May choose to go through the F-260 Bible reading/memorizing plan and/or another Bible reading plan of your group’s choice.
  • Groups are expected to meet for a minimum of one hour and include (prayer, discussion on what was revealed by God during the weeks quiet time and assigned group reading, exposure to sin problems/prayer, next steps and communication on what is coming up).

We want students to be intentional about making disciples!

Wednesday Night Live (Wednesday PM – 3:00-6:30)
Middle School Outreach (grades 6-8)
Focus: Provide a safe, fun, and intentional place for students to encounter Jesus!

Servant Leadership

Mission Trips
Find out more information about mission opportunities at Trinity

Three Circles


College & Career Ministry aims to disciple and encourage young adults as they deepen their relationships with Christ. We see this happening primarily through connections and relationships with other young adults, as well as with those who are a little further down the road of life. We gather for weekly small groups and monthly events. Whether you’re a freshman just starting classes, a senior getting ready to face your career, or somewhere in between, we’re looking forward to meeting you, having fun, and sharing life together.

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We meet on Sundays at 9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall. God calls us to be the church, but also to be plugged into a church for fellowship and accountability. We would love to see you for Bible study on Sunday mornings if you do not have a church home.

College/Career Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sundays @ 9:15am – Fellowship Hall A

Wednesday Night Bible Study
email jdowns@tbclc.org for location details