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David Doyle

The Gospel was not a new doctrine to the Corinthians, but it was necessary that they should be reminded of it at this critical time.
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Student Pastor David Doyle discusses the reality of sin and suffering and the hope of the Gospel.
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Have you ever had a curveball in life? Curveballs are circumstances or situations you didn’t see coming, be it death, cancer, divorce, or perhaps it's a sin that led you to do something you would never imagine doing. In these crucial times, it’s important that you don’t turn to something but Someone – Jesus. Join Student Pastor David Doyle as he preaches from Acts 16:22-34.
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David Doyle preaches from Acts 2:14-41
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Jesus pointedly asked a paralyzed man beside the pool at Bethesda: "Do you want to be well". It's a question we all must answer.
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