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We all come broken. Shame, guilt, sin, and obstacles in our circumstances can leave us feeling that we are insignificant messes. But it's in those moments, in those things – that Christ provides the miracle. You may not have much, but whatever you have, you have enough to accomplish the kingdom mission God has for you. In our hands it is limited, insignificant, and impossible; in the hands of Jesus, it’s an instrument, supernatural and possible.

Listen as Pastor David Doyle preaches from John 6:1-13.

Paul encouraged Timothy to be faithful. God would soon move Paul off the scene and Timothy would take his place and continue to give spiritual leadership to the churches. It would not be an easy task, but Timothy would succeed with God’s direction and help. In chapter 4, we see Paul’s last words to Timothy and to the church. Paul looks at his life presently, his life past, and his life future. He knew the end was near. He doesn’t avoid the subject. He doesn’t say, I don’t want to talk about it. Shockingly, he is very plain about it. He doesn’t just know he is about to die, he knows how he is going to die. All of this is wrapped up in these final, few verses.

It is the gospel by which we are saved and the faith on which we stand. This Gospel has the power to change lives, to give hope to the hopeless, to restore marriages and relationships. To do the possible that seems impossible.

In the Old Testament, righteousness came by people behaving. The law could witness to God’s righteousness, but it could not provide for it. It was a temporary solution for a permanent fix that only Jesus can provide. His blood could only bridge the gap for. Christ's birth, death, and resurrection mean that righteousness now comes through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.