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Who Can Ascend to the Hill of the Lord? (North Venue)

September 24, 2023
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Join Blake Grundy, Director of the BCM in Lake Charles at McNeese, for an in-depth examination of Psalm 24 – and the question, "who can ascend the hill of the Lord?"

Key Takeaways

  1. To ‘ascend the hill of the Lord’ requires clean hands and a pure heart. Clean hands represent our deeds – our outward action. A pure heart speaks of our innermost being – our motives, our desires.
  2. Clean hands and a pure heart are utterly impossible apart from Christ. The only way to ascend to the hill of the Lord is to trust in Christ’s purity, His nail-scarred hands, and His sacrificial death and resurrection. There is no other way.
  3. It’s essential that we maintain a high view of God. Recognizing God’s grandeur, acknowledging His right over everything, and accepting His supreme power puts our life into proper perspective and helps us focus on serving His kingdom, not ours.
  4. Daily living should aim to reflect Christ’s likeness in ourselves.
  5. The world and its materials are fundamentally the Lord’s and should not be the focus of our desires and needs.

Study Questions

  1. In what ways can we keep a ‘high view of God’ amidst worldly distractions?
  2. How can we ensure our pursuits don’t supersede our worship of God?
  3. What does it mean to live ‘in Christ’s likeness’?


We must understand that it is impossible for us to have clean hands and a pure heart. Without Jesus, we can never be good enough. We can never be perfect. Our heart is corrupt. Our heart is evil. And we have all sinned. The only way for us to truly ascend the hill of the Lord is to allow Jesus to give us clean hands and a pure heart. It's the only way. And we do that by placing our faith in Jesus.

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