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The Way of the Cross

March 06, 2022
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Our passage today is not the climax of the story, that’s the cross, but it is a distinct turning point. I’m praying that for many of you reading this, today could be a turning point in your life. Maybe a turn to Jesus or a turning back to faith, or a turn that takes you even deeper with the Lord.


From this moment on, Jesus began openly talking about the need for Him to die. This was not what Peter wanted to hear, it’s not what he expected to hear. It did not compute with the preconceived ideas about a political Messiah, one who would come in and overthrow the Romans, that the Jews during that time would have been hoping for. But Jesus knew what Peter didn’t, that the Kingdom of God would be brought forward through the death and resurrection of Jesus, not by political rebellion. Jesus came to defeat sin, conquer death, and make a way for sinful men to be able to stand before a Holy God and be welcomed into the family!

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