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Fitness Classes

Fit Senior

A well rounded program created especially for senior citizens consisting of walking, low impact aerobics, chair exercises, bending and stretching to cool down.

Fitness X

This class is a mixture of strength training exercises and cardio movements for optimum body conditioning.


This class is alternating periods, or intervals, of extreme highintensity exercise for cardio and strengthbased movements for body conditioning.


This class is total body strength training and toning.


Combines the strengthening benefits of Pilates with the flexibility enhancing benefits of yoga.

Stretch Express

Stretch and mobilitybased class that aims to improve functional capacity, recover better, and prevent injury.


Dancebased fitness class that incorporates both cardio and resistance training components designed to tone and sculpt the entire body.

Running Bootcamp

Get ready for our first Trinity Center 10K Relay by building up your endurance and quickening your pace.

Body Ball

This class is uses a stability ball while focusing on abs and arms along with a light cardio bursts.

Low Impact

Adaptive fitness class offering strength, toning, and light cardio for a full body workout.


Weekly rotational cardio classes including Cardio Jam, Step Aerobics, and Kickboxing.


HIIT workouts involve bursts of highintensity strength and cardio exercises followed by brief periods of recovery.

Strength & Conditioning

Includes circuit training, cardio and body weight exercises and finishing with core training for a complete workout.

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