The Great Commission: Sharing Jesus in Hard Places

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    Summer in rural Himalayas with unreached groups

  • 00:04:24

    Received cross-cultural and security training before going

  • 00:13:34

    Faced challenges like hostility and lack of Christian framework

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    Missions is for every believer – start local

Show Notes

In this episode, Adam Brock interviews summer missionaries Ethan and Daxton about their time ministering in rural South Asia.

They discuss the difficulties of spreading the gospel in unreached places and encourage believers to participate in the Great Commission through giving, going, and prayer. Ethan and Daxton also share about the obstacles they faced in sharing their faith, and explore how missions requires an ongoing commitment to God’s work. They talk about their summer in South Asia and upcoming opportunities to get involved, like the Nehemiah Teams student trip to an unreached area of the Philippines. If you joined us in praying for missionaries this summer, know that you are part of this story.

Questions in This Episode

  • What did you all do this past summer?
  • What are the IMB categories for unreached peoples?
  • How did you each feel called to missions?
  • What training did you receive before going overseas?
  • How can we encourage new believers to share the gospel?
  • What can you say to those who feel they can never go overseas?
  • How important was prayer support for your team?