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Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Hosted by
JD Broussard

Show Notes

In this episode of Thinking It Through, Kevin Richard joins JD to discuss depression, anxiety, and mental health from a biblical perspective. Kevin defines depression and its types while exploring how it physically impacts our bodies and brains. As Christians, we know that we are not exempt. In fact, God’s word gives us multiple examples of faithful believers who deeply struggled. Kevin also shares practical insights on recognizing symptoms and ruling out medical causes. It’s a candid conversation full of hope and encouragement for anyone dealing with mental health issues.


  • Understanding Depresssion and Anxiety – 0:00 – 14:17
  • Supporting Mental Health in the Church – 14:17 – 17:48
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health – 17:48 – 25:24
  • Dealing with Depression – 25:24 – 26:30

Questions in this episode

  • What is depression? Can we define it?
  • Are there different types of depression?
  • Do Christians experience depression and anxiety? If so, why?
  • Which biblical characters experienced depression or anxiety? What can we learn from their stories?
  • When should professional help be sought out?
  • What are practical steps someone can take if struggling with their mental health?
  • What role should the church play in providing support and resources?
  • How can the church better support those dealing with depression and/or anxiety on a regular basis?

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