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Elijah: Living Securely in an Insecure World

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No doubt it seems as if we are living in insecure times. Especially when you consider what SWLA has been through the last two years. From Covid to hurricanes, to floods to turbulent political landscape we are living in challenging times. Every day the news reinforces what we want to forget. Yet, as we look at scripture and the history of God’s people we see things from a unique perspective.

Elijah's times were no safer. He faced famine, murder and corruption—with both courage and fear. This is a 8 week study on the life of Elijah based on key passages in I & II Kings. This study aims at helping us look beyond the insecurity of the world to our sovereign God who reigns forever.

Focus: Coed

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Wednesday, October 5 - Wednesday, December 7


6:00 pm


Adam Brock, Brent Buff


Room W103/105
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