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    Are you one of the many people who go through life lacking purpose, and searching for true joy and fulfillment in everyday life? What about in your workplace? Have you found a place of service in church that is a blessing for you as opposed to a burden? We often bounce around in life looking for a particular place where we truly will fit.

    How to Discover Your SHAPE

    The SHAPE workshop helps you find your fit for meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities here at Trinity that can also relate to your personal job choices. It’s the next step after our membership class. SHAPE is an acrostic that stands for:

    • S=Spiritual Gift
    • H=our Heart or Passion
    • A=our Abilities
    • P=Personality
    • E=our Experiences

    The first half of the workshop focuses on building a biblical foundation for your SHAPE. The second half uses a variety of inventories that helps you discover your SHAPE.

    A spiritual pilgrimage of joy and fulfillment can start with finding your unique shape.

    SHAPE is a two-hour workshop led by Pastor Rick Ellis.

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