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Train yourself. Equip your kids.

Learn how to raise kids who think critically, love biblically, and stand firm against the cultural tide. In this two day conference, founder and President of Mama Bear Apologetics Hillary Morgan Ferrer will offer biblical wisdom and practical steps to teaching kids how to think through and address issues head-on, yet with gentleness and respect.

Our mission is to equip moms to teach their children an intelligent Christian faith that withstands the tough questions and storms of the world. Using the unique ROAR method—Recognize the message, Offer discernment, Argue for a healthier approach, Reinforce through discussion, discipleship, and prayer—attendees will learn to navigate and counter the cultural challenges their children face.

Guests and Speakers

Why Apologetics?

Today’s culture often pushes a worldview contrary to the Christian faith, leading many young people to leave the church. Apologetics provides the necessary defenses for these challenges, ensuring that your children don’t just inherit your faith—they own it. This conference is particularly vital for all mothers, whether of physical, adopted, or spiritual children.

Free Mama Bear Tee

Early Registration cost for the Mama Bear Apologetics Conference is $30 and includes a free Comfort Colors conference t-shirt! Early registration closes on May 31.

Beginning June 1, the price increases to $40 and t-shirts will be available for pre-order @ $15 each.

This tee is not available anywhere else so be sure to get yours today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will meals be included at the conference?

    We will provide a light continental breakfast on Saturday. Attendees should plan to have dinner before arriving on Friday.

  • Is childcare provided?

    Childcare services are not available, however, a nursing room with session audio will be accessible for nursing mothers.

  • I'm coming from out of town. Can you suggest hotels and accomodations?

    Information on local hotels and dining options is available at Visit Lake Charles.

  • Will you livestream any of the sessions?

    The conference is in-person only. We will not livestream any of the sessions.

  • What should I bring?

    To make the most of the conference, we recommend bringing a Bible, a notebook, and perhaps a sweater in case the room temperature is cooler than expected.

Mama Bear Apologetics

An overview of what Mama Bear Apologetics is, where Hillary got the idea, what the team's personal stories are, and some helpful resources.

Train yourself. Equip your kids.

Learn how to raise kids who think critically, love biblically, and stand firm against the cultural tide.

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