Meals at Home
“Dinner and a Movie”

Best Use
As a family activity with any age

Nutritional Value
Good conversation around the movie of your choice

Advance Preparation
• Pack a picnic dinner or order in some of your family’s favorite food.
• Rent a movie or choose a family favorite to watch together.
• Make tickets for the movie or have the kids make their own tickets to sell. (Let them have fun deciding the cost, such as 3 hugs and 1 kiss)
• Set up an area to eat and watch the movie together with pillows, drinks, food, popcorn, etc.

Serve It Up

SAY: “We are going to have a special night at the movies, only a little different.”

OPTIONAL: You might want to load up in the car and drive around the block to return at your home and show them in to the fun dinner/movie theater you have created. You can do this as a surprise for the kids or have them help and do it as a surprise for dad or another member of the family. Kids can also make drive-in cars out of large boxes. Have fun, be creative and have a good time together.

DO: Watch the movie while you eat dinner together.

TALK: After the movie is over, spend some time talking through the following questions:
• Who is the central character? (The “hero”)
• Who or what does the main character want? (Conscious and subconsciously?)
• Who or what are the obstacles that must be overcome?
• What was the “ultimate conflict” of the drama?
• What wrong choices were made?
• What right choices were made?
• Can we learn anything from the story?

PRAY: Thank God for your meal and fun time together as a family. Pray together:

“We thank you, Lord, that you have blessed us with our
family. Thank you for our time together tonight. Help us to grow
closer to each other and to you. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.”

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