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how to become a Christian

All other religions in the world are based on you making and keeping promises to the “gods” in hopes of earning love and acceptance. The one true God, however, because of his great love, has promised to save us based on his faithfulness.
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Does your family like to play games? I grew up in a game-playing family. I remember as a kid we’d go camping and play ChickenFoot, or board games. I always […]
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Most people’s idea of judgment is since God is love, God will let me get by with my sin. God will let me slide.  But that’s absolutely wrong and it’s the Holy Spirit that shows you it’s wrong.
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Any time you and I come to worship, or Bible Study, having already made up our minds about what we believe, and therefore we fail to listen to God’s Word, we practice the Way of the Pharisees.
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