Dinner and a Movie

Meals at Home “Dinner and a Movie” Best Use As a family activity with any age Nutritional Value Good conversation around the movie of your choice Advance Preparation • Pack a picnic dinner or order in some of your family’s favorite food. • Rent a movie or choose a family favorite to watch together. • Make tickets for the movie or have the kids make their own tickets to sell. (Let them have fun deciding the cost, such as 3 hugs and 1 kiss) • Set up an area to eat and watch the movie together with pillows, drinks, food, popcorn, etc. [...]

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Marriage Rekindled “Reconnect” Best Use A date night activity and discussion guide Nutritional Value Husbands and wives evaluate communication skills and explore ways to better convey thoughts and feelings. Advance Preparation - Schedule a dinner or coffee date - Bring a pencil and a piece of paper or tablet - Each spouse will choose any 3 of the following to draw . . . (Keep your choices secret) - A favorite love song you both know - His or her favorite Bible character - A movie you watched together before marriage - One of your most adventurous activities together - A memorable date or favorite date [...]

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Bedtime Blessing

Young Children: Parent Picture “Bedtime Blessing” Best Use As a bedtime prayer activity with young children Nutritional Value A fun way to share your story with the child Advance Preparation You’ll need a photo of yourself as a child – about the age of your son or daughter © 2010 Inkling Innovations Serve It Up Follow these steps to serve up a great experience. 1. While tucking your child into bed, pull out the photo of yourself as a child and show it to him or her. 2. Ask the child to guess the name of the person in the picture. [...]

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