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Sustaining The Future

"This project we are proposing is focused on our future, but has it's roots in our past. A generation ago, God gave our church a vision and a task to accomplish. Through prayer, faith, and financial sacrifice, almost 20 years ago, we relocated our church campus to this corner in South Lake Charles. Now it's time for another step of faith, as we seek to continue ministry to the generations to come." The Sustaining the Future Team is making a recommendation to Trinity Baptist Church that we proceed with the renovation and updating of phase one [...]

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Dinner and a Movie

Meals at Home “Dinner and a Movie” Best Use As a family activity with any age Nutritional Value Good conversation around the movie of your choice Advance Preparation • Pack a picnic dinner or order in some of your family’s favorite food. • Rent a movie or choose a family favorite to watch together. • Make tickets for the movie or have the kids make their own tickets to sell. (Let them have fun deciding the cost, such as 3 hugs and 1 kiss) • Set up an area to eat and watch the movie together with pillows, drinks, food, popcorn, etc. [...]

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Marriage Rekindled “Reconnect” Best Use A date night activity and discussion guide Nutritional Value Husbands and wives evaluate communication skills and explore ways to better convey thoughts and feelings. Advance Preparation - Schedule a dinner or coffee date - Bring a pencil and a piece of paper or tablet - Each spouse will choose any 3 of the following to draw . . . (Keep your choices secret) - A favorite love song you both know - His or her favorite Bible character - A movie you watched together before marriage - One of your most adventurous activities together - A memorable date or favorite date [...]

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Bedtime Blessing

Young Children: Parent Picture “Bedtime Blessing” Best Use As a bedtime prayer activity with young children Nutritional Value A fun way to share your story with the child Advance Preparation You’ll need a photo of yourself as a child – about the age of your son or daughter © 2010 Inkling Innovations Serve It Up Follow these steps to serve up a great experience. 1. While tucking your child into bed, pull out the photo of yourself as a child and show it to him or her. 2. Ask the child to guess the name of the person in the picture. [...]

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