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Adam Brock

This is as plainly as I can present it: If Jesus is God, then you and I should devote our entire lives to Him! We should obey Him, we should submit to Him, we should worship Him, and we should exalt Him.
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What appeared to be the greatest tragedy the world has ever known was in actuality the greatest victory the world had ever seen.
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We ought to be a people and a place where prayer happens, where people’s lives are changed by the power of God, and where praise permeates all of our life.
Temple Mount in Jerusalem
The cross is the centerpiece of our faith for a reason. Because upon it, the crucified savior accomplished the promised redemption. At the cross, it was finished!
A good story has a way of illustrating truth in a way that makes it come alive. Stories stick with us because they are memorable and easily understood. Stories are important.
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Have you resolved to be a person of prayer only to find it a struggle? Something as simple as talking and communing with God, yet I’ve yet to meet a person who says they pray too much.
Three people bow their heads in prayer
If you’re going to prioritize hearing the Word of God there is some work for you to do, more than just showing up.
A man holds a Bible
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