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Adam Brock

If we are to grow into the mature disciples, we need these four key elements.
a man laughs with other men
If you look to your job, or your school, or your club, or your possessions to give you life and identity, you’re going to be severely disappointed because all these things make really crummy saviors! Nothing created can ever take the place of the creator.
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Most people’s idea of judgment is since God is love, God will let me get by with my sin. God will let me slide.  But that’s absolutely wrong and it’s the Holy Spirit that shows you it’s wrong.
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Knowing what is in the Bible is certainly important, but its chief aim is not to inform you about God, but rather to introduce you to God, to reveal God. The gospel of John is a gospel tract.
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Any time you and I come to worship, or Bible Study, having already made up our minds about what we believe, and therefore we fail to listen to God’s Word, we practice the Way of the Pharisees.
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It doesn’t matter the details of your sin, if you are In Christ, then you’ve gone from death to life. And if you’ve not yet turned to Christ for salvation, then the details don’t matter, you can go from death to life!
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What saves us is the finished work of Christ. My belief and trust in the sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of Jesus to cover ALL my sin. That’s the essence of saving faith. If Christ is not a part of your Christianity, then you’re not a Christian. Let this be a wake-up call to us. This ought to break our hearts.
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This is a story about authority, healing and compassion. But mostly it’s a story that will illustrate for us the proper approach to Jesus.
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When you study this chapter, it becomes abundantly clear that our relationship with God and with people is connected. It is impossible to love God and hate those made in His image.
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What’s happening here is Jesus has just finished a miraculous moment and is traveling with His disciples. He takes this opportunity to ask them some questions. He begins generally by asking, “Who do the people say that I am?” Remarkably, so many different opinions were held by the people, but that remains true to this very day.
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