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What does it means to be compelled by the love of God and to no longer live for ourselves? Here are 6 things Christians are compelled to do.
6 things Christians are compelled to do
We need to remember that the intersecting work of grace can transform our lives life today.
The Gospel and the Intersecting Work of Grace
We so often want to define success on our terms, but the truth is that the agape love of God never fails. It never runs out. It never is proved false. And when you and I seek to live in that then we get to taste in part the perfection that awaits us in full when we are united to Christ in Glory.
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The truth that Christ is coming again is a major theme of the New Testament. To lose sight of this truth is to be lulled to sleep spiritually! We’ve got to be people who understand the times and are mindful of Christ’s return. We must live each day in the light of His return, with urgency.
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Because God is sovereign, we don’t have to fear him not being able to keep what he has promised! Him being on the throne is what provides the guarantee that you need. Since you are never in a place or situation that lives outside of his control, you are never in a place where what he has promised can’t reach you.
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All other religions in the world are based on you making and keeping promises to the “gods” in hopes of earning love and acceptance. The one true God, however, because of his great love, has promised to save us based on his faithfulness.
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Does your family like to play games? I grew up in a game-playing family. I remember as a kid we’d go camping and play ChickenFoot, or board games. I always […]
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If we are to grow into the mature disciples, we need these four key elements.
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If you look to your job, or your school, or your club, or your possessions to give you life and identity, you’re going to be severely disappointed because all these things make really crummy saviors! Nothing created can ever take the place of the creator.
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Most people’s idea of judgment is since God is love, God will let me get by with my sin. God will let me slide.  But that’s absolutely wrong and it’s the Holy Spirit that shows you it’s wrong.
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