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Find the latest news and updates on our Pastor Transition.

Other Announcements

a man is baptized

Our God is Faithful

We’re celebrating 56 consecutive weeks of baptisms! Baptism is a powerful witness as we follow Christ’s example and obey His command. Baptism by immersion, symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of the believer to new life in Christ. Baptism serves as a public testimony of one’s faith after receiving Christ as Savior and Lord.

Moshkova Family

Thank you!

The Moshkova family has arrived in the United States and are settling into their new home. Thank you, church family, for your love and provision for this family.

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Praise God!

Praise God for 49 consecutive weeks of baptisms here at Trinity!

Dr. Leo Day and family

Welcome, Leo and Donna Day!

On Sunday, August 28, our church voted to call Dr. Leo Day as our Executive Pastor of Praise and Worship.

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