Marriage Rekindled

Best Use
A date night activity and discussion guide

Nutritional Value
Husbands and wives evaluate communication skills and
explore ways to better convey thoughts and feelings.

Advance Preparation
– Schedule a dinner or coffee date
– Bring a pencil and a piece of paper or tablet
– Each spouse will choose any 3 of the following to draw . . .

(Keep your choices secret)
– A favorite love song you both know
– His or her favorite Bible character
– A movie you watched together before marriage
– One of your most adventurous activities together
– A memorable date or favorite date place
– A favorite destination you have traveled together
– Your most embarrassing moment together
– Something that would remind your spouse of a wedding day memory.

During the Date
Discuss any or all of the items on the reverse side


1. Each spouse will take turns drawing a chosen item without speaking. The guessing spouse may ask yes or no questions but the “artist” can only nod
or shake his/her head.
2. After your fun exercise, answer the following questions together. . .

• How successful were you in guessing what your spouse was drawing?
• What caused you to sometimes misinterpret your spouse’s picture?

Reflection Questions

1. Discuss this quote. “We often judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.”
2. Check at least two ways you can improve your communication skills to cut out the guessing game.

 Think and pray before I speak
 Clearly articulate what is on my mind
 Quit expecting my spouse to read my mind
 Use voice tones that are kind
 Humbly communicate my needs and desires
 Listen more and talk less
 Strive to understand and empathize more with the needs of my spouse
 Realize that my unspoken expectations can cause miscommunication and frustration
 Choose my words wisely
 Schedule time to talk in non-conflict moments before hectic situations

3. The best time of day for us to talk is ______________________.
4. Proverbs 12:18 says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Take time to verbalize your love for one another.


Before you go to bed tonight, discuss tomorrow’s schedule and communicate plans you have in mind.