Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be part of Trinity Worship Teams. Please read through the requirements below before completing the audition sign-up form. Signups close Sunday, April 10 at 5pm.

Are you interested in using your God-given musical talents at Trinity?
If so, we want to invite you to audition by sending us a video submission of your performance. We count it an honor to serve on the platform where we get to lead others to connect to God through music and we would love to help you find your place in ministry.

Here are the steps you need to take...

1. Prepare a song.
You can pick a favorite contempary worship song for your evaluation video submission.

2. Record and Submit an evaluation video.
Record a video of you playing and/or singing the song that you chose. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or whatever file sharing service you prefer. 

3. Fill out the evaluation form on the website (below)
Be sure to paste the video link into the form.

If you are selected to come to live evaluations they will take place on April 12th between 6-9pm in the North Venue. You will need to prepare one of the following selections, and you will be contacted about your time slot. Please do not show up if you have not been contacted in advance.

Song Selection

 Desert Song 
Ac. Guitar, Elec. Guitar, 
    Female Vocals Lead, Male Vocal Harmony  
    Only King Forever   
        Holy Spirit       
Keys, Male Vocals Lead, 
Female Vocals Harmony
 downloads   downloads    downloads

Sheet Music
MP3 Download 

Sheet Music
MP3 Download

Sheet Music
Female MP3 Download
Male MP3 Download 



Thank you for taking the steps to audition with the North Venue Worship Team. We are excited to see what is in store for you and this ministry! It is our goal to create an atmosphere for the presence of God to abide. We are looking for worshippers with moderate to good ability. You must come with a usable gift and a willing heart -- (displayed attitude, commitment and a passion for God's presence). Along with a musical gift, we are looking for how a person fits relationally. We will ask you what your relationship with God is like and we may ask what your relationship is like with other members of the body, including leadership. For some, we will train up musicians in the process, because they have worshiping hearts and they demonstrate a willingness to learn. We may ask you to be on the team on the basis that you will only come to practices until you have a better understanding of the technical aspects of your instrument. This audition will require honesty and openness on all sides. Really, if you aren't the type of person to handle good and bad news (especially bad), or if certain results will affect your relationship with the church or with God, we would ask that you not try out at this time. Auditions are held every 4-6 months. For those joining our team, you will be placed in a rotation to play or sing as soon as we can integrate you. If you are interested in being a lead vocalist, a period of 3 months must be spent as a supportive singer in the North Venue.

We look forward to helping you use your gifts and talents!

Bo Coburn




By being on the Worship Team, you are signing up to:

1. Become a member of Trinity Baptist Church if you have not yet done so.

2. Be here on Sundays and Wednesdays-excessive absences will bring cause to re-evaluate whether or not this is a good time for you to serve on the worship team.

3. Trust that your Pastor and Worship Leader have the best interest of the team and the service in mind (Jeremiah 3:15;Acts 20:28;Heb 13:17;1 Peter 5:2) when making decisions that may affect you.

4. Strive for unity, high moral standard and to be made a servant to all (1 Cor 9:19)

5. Attend all weekly rehearsals when you are scheduled to play.

6. Try to attend all church wide events.

7. Practice individually-this allows us to make the most of practice times at church.

8. Be flexible!! Changes WILL open to the Holy Spirit and merciful when mistakes are made by others!

9. Stay in humility-we are here to serve-not be noticed - Peter 5:5 "...all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed in humility: for God resists the proud and brings grace to the humble"

10. WORSHIP!!! Worship can happen everywhere!!! In our cars, in our homes, on stage, within the congregation...ANYWHERE. We should never be stagnant in our worship. The state of being stagnant happens when we "stay still for too long". Passion and gratitude are what drives us to worship. If we are missing either component we will fall short.

11. Take instruction from your lead musician or vocalist. We will hear things differently than you will and our goal is to help improve the overall sound of the music.

Lastly, we all know the scripture "out of the mouth the heart speaks". The words that we choose to use when we talk about our church and the ministry in which we serve reveal what is going on in our hearts. If you have a problem, I encourage you to pray firstly, then please come and talk to me. Satan can use the smallest things to cause HUGE problems.
"And He has put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord" Psalm 40:3


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