Win with Fight Night!

Held in the NORTH VENUE on the North side of the campus



Bring your ticket

 On February 23rd Trinity Baptist is hosting a "Fight Night" with Dr.'s Les and Leslie Parrott. This is a live event held at the Trinity Campus and we are making it easy for you.

                                   Sorry But Childcare is Full!

This is going to be a fun event! You will not want to miss it.

What is Fight Night? 
A fun date night for couples of any age or stage. Filled with humor, fresh insight, and practical, new tools for turning conflict into deeper intimacy. Les and Leslie are authentic master communicators. You'll laugh while you learn new ways to instantly improve your relationship. And did we mention you will have a blast while gaining practical tips to strengthen communication? Bring friends and make it a double date!

Who are Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott?
Les and Leslie. A husband-and-wife team who not only share the same name but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships. Les is a professor of psychology at Northwest University and they are founders of the Center for Healthy Relationships on the campus of Olivet University.

Married in 1984, the Parrots bring real-life examples to their speaking platform. Their professional training - Leslie as a marriage and family therapist, and Les as a clinical psychologist - ensures a presentation that is grounded, insightful and cutting-edge.

Each year Les and Leslie speak in over 40 cities. Their audiences include a wide array of venues, from churches to Fortune 500 company boardrooms. 

The Parrotts have been featured in USA Today and the New York Times. Their television appearances include CNN, The View, The O'Reilly Factor, The Today Show and Oprah.

As #1 New York Times best-selling authors, their books have sold over two million copies in more than two dozen languages, and include best-selling and Gold-medallion winner; Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. Other popular titles include Real Relationships, L.O.V.E., The Parent You Want To Be, Trading Places, The Complete Guide To Marriage Mentoring and Love Talk. They have written dozens of books.



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