Zimbabwe Construction Team

The Construction team from Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, LA was primarily made up of seasoned volunteers. They have worked from sunup to sundown doing whatever needed to be done. No job was too small or beneath their notice. This was, however, the first trip for Marcus Boudreaux. He found out about the need and, "I knew immediately that I had to go. And I was amazed at how efficient the crew was! I know that God allowed us to work faster and better over here." When asked how God had spoken to him during his time in Zimbabwe Marcus commented, "I realized that I serve the creator of the universe, not just south Louisiana. I am in awe of the world and people God has created. The people of Africa are much closer to my heart now. I see how strongly the people love God here even though they have very few luxuries. They even seem to be stronger Christians than I am myself." 

Canada Connection

Dr. Ashely Austin and his family. Church planters in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 
Trinity Canada Connection 


On an island where less than 2% of the population claim to be Christians and 40% claim to be "no religion" Trinity has partnered with two new churches (Canvass Church and Ekklesia Baptist Church) to be the light of Jesus Christ to a people trapped in spiritual darkness, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage discipleship.

While Victoria and Vancouver Island represent beautiful and desirable places to live, it is also a place in need of the Gospel. Currently, Victoria is one of the most unchurched cities in all of North America. Some have said that Vancouver Island is the second leading center for occult worship in the world and is a very dark place spiritually. There is an urgent need to develop incarnational churches all over Vancouver Island.

Family On Mission

Three generations from one family went to Africa on mission this summer. Hear their story. 

Your Mission Experience

Did you go on one of our summer mission trips? Were you involved in local missions or in supporting Trinity missions? 
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