On an island where less than 2% of the population claim to be Christians
and 40% claim to be "no religion", Trinity has partnered with
two new churches (Canvas Church and Ekklesia Baptist Church)
to be the light of Jesus Christ to a people trapped in spiritual darkness. 

It is once again time for the Canada Connection Easter Offering. Last year we gave $39,379 to help support our two church partners on Vancouver Island.
Please continue to pray for the Austin and Bond families, their work on the island, and how you can be more involved in Trinity's Canada Connection.

You can give to this mission work anytime by putting Canada Connection in the memo line of your gift, or to give online CLICK HERE. Be sure to select "Quick Give" and eCanadaConnection. 


Discover more about our partner churches
  on Vancouver Island...

Canvas Church, Pastor Ashley Austin

Ekklesia Baptist Church, Pastor Matthew Bond

Pray for and ask God to show you
how you personally can be used to share Christ's love
as a part of Trinity's Canada Connection.

Pray daily for Ashley and April Austin and
Matthew and Heather Bond,
our church partners living on the island. 

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