Foster and Adoption Ministry

Our mission is to advocate and raise awareness for children in need of a forever FAMily by offering support and education for those who open their hearts and homes to the journey of adoption or foster care.

Forever Family Fund

This designated account has been established to financially assist qualified Christian families in the state of Louisiana with a partial amount of their international, domestic or foster adoption expenses.

The fund will be administered by a committee of the FAMily Ministry of Trinity Baptist Church.

The Forever Family Fund is a financial grant program that helps Christian couples/individuals with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants $1,000 to $5,000.
Forever FAMily supports international, domestic and foster care adoptions.
There is no charge to apply.



November is National Adoption Month!

In November, we celebrate families who have been created through adoption and pray for more families to answer the call of adoption. For information about adoption and the Foster & Adoption Ministry here at Trinity, please visit one of the mission walls.

  • 2% (1.8 million) of the US child population is adopted either through Foster Care, Private Domestic or International adoptions.
  • One out of every 25 US families with children have an adopted child.



May Is National Foster Care Month!

Most children who come into foster care leave their home due to an emergency situation, and only have the clothes on their backs. One way we can all show our support to Trinity Families who foster these children is by supplying each foster child with a "blessing bag" of items they would most likely use and want. You may drop off any donations during this month in the bins located in the preschool and children's entrances. Our target age group is currently children under the age of 5.

Find the list of blessing bag items here.


In our five-parish area, there are currently 445 children in foster care, 246 of these are in Calcasieu Parish. However, there are only 260 foster homes to accommodate these children. There are 72 children free for adoption, with about 25 of these needing a permanent placement. Consider becoming a foster/adoptive parent and let's get these numbers down to 0!! Email if you'd like additional information. Thank you for your support of the FAMily Ministry.

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