I Love America

Monday, July 3, 6:30 pm - after dark

Make plans to join us for our outdoor patriotic celebration featuring fireworks, food trucks and fabulous music. This year, I Love America will include a segment called "Trinity's Got Talent!" This talent competition will showcase many different forms of talent (not just musical). Entries can be individuals or groups and will be divided into the six categories listed below. To be considered for the talent show, you can begin the entry process by following the "sign-up now" button below.

1) Americana
2) Country/Western
3) Contemporary/Classical
4) Children
5) Student (college, high school or junior high)
6) Freestyle

*All entries for "Trinity's Got Talent" must be submitted in advance for consideration. The deadline for submissions is noon on Wednesday, June 28.

Pray for Every Home

Ongoing, 24/7

Do you "love your neighbor?" In many cases it is hard to get to know them, but this summer you can spend a few minutes each day praying for your neighbors by name. Sign up as a "Praying Neighbor" here. Include Trinity Baptist Church, 1800 Country Club Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605 as your church, and you can choose to receive a daily prayer email listing five of your neighbors.

The Revival

August 20 - 23, Campus and Community

Join us in praying for this event coming in August. Guest speaker, Jay Lowder, will bring a message each night, as well as leading school assemblies during the day. A meal will be served Monday through Wednesday night and door prizes given away to guests who attend. We are excited to see how God will use this week to impact our community, and we hope you will be a part of The Revival.

Guest Speaker: Jay Lowder
Children's Communicator: Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens
Worship Leader: Dr. Leo Day

Event Schedule

Sunday, August 20
     All SMBS      Party at the Place
     9:15 am      Worship in Central Venue
    10:45 am     Worship in Central Venue
      6:30 pm     Worship in Central Venue
Monday, August 21 "Fish-N-Trip Night"
      5:30 pm      Fish Dinner* (Trinity Center Gym)
      6:30 pm      Worship in Central Venue
Tuesday, August 22 "Taste of Texas Night"
      5:30 pm      Steak Dinner* (Trinity Center Gym)
      6:30 pm      Worship in Central Venue
Wednesday, August 23 "Student Night"
      5:30 pm      Chick-Fil-A Dinner (TC Gym)
      6:30 pm      Worship in Central Venue


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