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We would like everyone who would like to participate in the activities we offer to be able to do so. We will make every effort to help with all applications within our budget guidelines. All applications for a scholarship will be kept confidential and the church staff will have a final decision in awarding scholarships


• Scholarships should be requested only if a legitimate financial need exists.
• Our Ministry Staff works very hard to plan many activities that cost nothing or very little so that need for scholarships isn’t a constant situation.
• Scholarships are for the applicant only. If you have more than one child participating in an event, each child must have a separate application.
• You must submit a separate application for each event/trip for which you are requesting financial help. One application does not cover the whole ministry year as do situations change.
• Applications for scholarships over $100 are due FOUR weeks BEFORE the event/trip. Applications for smaller amounts due TWO weeks BEFORE the event. Please return it to the Student Ministry office or the church office.
• Scholarships awarded will not be 100% of the cost of the trip/activity. The deposit will be the minimum required to receive a scholarship.
• Depending on our budget, there will be a maximum amount any one student can receive over the course of the year. This amount will be determined by dividing the available funds with the number of students participating in the student program/event or may be decided by the church staff.

If you would like information on available scholarships for camps in 2018, fill out the appropriate form below.

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